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Vetevendosje leader says Korenica’s statements are unacceptable

Vetevendosje leader says Korenica’s statements are unacceptable GazetaExpress

The Vetevendosje leader, Visar Ymeri, finally has decided to react on anti-Semitic statements of their candidate running for Rahovec mayor, Visar Korenica, who in a Facebok post asked the state of Israel be ‘vanished from the earth.’

Ymeri in a Facebook post on Tuesday said that Korenica’s statement on Israel, does not represent Vetevendosje’s stance, and called his statement as unacceptable, but he did not comment whether his party will decide to remove him from the mayoral race.

“The Facebook post of Visar Korenica on Israel, neither represents Vetevendosje’s Movement stance, nor is just or acceptable. The statement is not in line with the political concept of the Movement,” Ymeri wrote.

The Vetevendosje leader also said that Visar Korenica joined the Vetevendosje movement in 2017 and was nominated to run for Rahovec mayor. According to Ymeri Korenica apologised for the statement and said that his post was a hasty decision and does not represent his personal stance. 

    Date: 19 September 2017 17:29
    Author: GazetaExpress