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Serbian Journalist: Ivanovic assassination suspects are in the north of Kosovo

Serbian Journalist: Ivanovic assassination suspects are in the north of Kosovo GazetaExpress

Serbian journalist, Stefan Cvetkovic, says that his months long investigation into the killing of the Kosovo Serb political leader Oliver Ivanovic, in Mitrovica North, indicate that mafia in the north of Kosovo is to be blamed for his assassination. Cvetkovic said that he came to Kosovo after an invitation by the Kosovo Police to be interviewed related to Ivanovic’s case. Cvetkovic, known for criticizing local authorities, made headlines last week after he was reported missing for two days.

Cvetkovic talking to Kosovo media on Sunday insists that he was kidnapped mentioning his reporting as the reason behind this kidnapping. Cvetkovic who claims that he has investigated Ivanovic’s case, who was shot dead in front of his party’s headquarters in January 2018, said that he has evidence confirming that the same people who torched Ivanovic’s car months before his assassination are directly linked with his killing. “Based on the evidence that I possess the same people have committed the crime,” he told Klan Kosova TV. Cvetkovic believes that mafia from the north is to be blamed for Ivanovic’s killing on 16 January 2018. “We are talking about strong criminal structures based on the large amount of money they make and the resources they have. Unfortunately, their contacts show that they have corrupt people who feed them with information including people who should investigate them,” Cvetkovic said. According to Serbian journalist Kosovo police officers working in the north are linked with the mafia. “There are some people who are suspected of their links with the assassination of Ivanovic. The same people are in the most wanted list of Serbia. They walk freely from one place to the other. The same people live freely in Mitrovica North,” Cvetkovic said. Cvetkovic confirmed that he was summoned by the Kosovo Police to testify related to this case.

    Date: 24 June 2018 21:57
    Author: GazetaExpress