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Region to benefit from Kosovo Army, says deputy minister

Region to benefit from Kosovo Army, says deputy minister GazetaExpress

Kosovo Government approved last week a decision to transform the Kosovo Security Force (KSF), a lightly armed civilian force, into Army of Kosovo. The Government is expected to amend current law on KSF in order to give additional competencies to this force. The move is seen with scepticism by internationals and NATO, who say Kosovo army should be created with the amendment of the Constitution and consent of all communities, including Serbian community who are opposing creation of the Kosovo Army.

Kosovo Deputy Minister of KSF, Burim Ramadani, says that there is no room for scepticism and the KSF transition is irreversible process. According to Ramadani the decision of Government to proceed draft laws to the Parliament of Kosovo is not a hasty decision and enjoys support. “The move came after thorough work, long efforts, joint work with strategic partners and a 10 year plan of Government,” said Ramadani in a Facebook post. According to him Kosovo is gradually returning into a contributor of regional and global security. “Our region will benefit from the KSF transition. Citizens of communities in Kosovo will have the support of KSF,” Ramadani said.  

    Date: 17 September 2018 13:58
    Author: GazetaExpress