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Pacolli urges cooperation in forming Government

Pacolli urges cooperation in forming Government GazetaExpress

Chairman of Alliance New Kosova (AKR), Behgjet Pacolli, reiterated his call to other parties asking forming of new institutions as soon as possible. He urged politicians to leave aside their personal and political interests and work for the benefit of the country.

In a statement posted in his Facebook account on Friday Pacolli slammed politicians stating that they are more interested in their personal interests rather than interests of the state. Pacolli called on political parties to unite and create a broad-based coalition. "What I am asking is a broad-based coalition, where minorities will not determine the future of the state, and will not decide on our economy, our army,” Pacolli said. “The Government should be formed now, without delay, and not repeat the 2014 situation,” Pacolli wrote referring to political crisis in 2014 where political parties failed to reach an agreement for more than six months on forming new institutions. “Whoever thinks that my proposals on how to overcome crisis are for my personal gains, is a liar […] I care for Kosovo!,” Pacolli wrote.  

Pacolli during an interview with the public broadcaster RTK on Wednesday said that he gave ten days to his coalition partner LDK and the other party Vetvendosje to decide on cooperation implying that if otherwise he might consider switching sides and help the PDK-LDK-Nisma (PAN) to form institutions. Media are reporting that Pacolli’s proposal is just an excuse to switch sides and with the votes of four MPs of his party help Kadri Veseli become speaker of Assembly and Ramush Haradinaj form new government. 

Kosovo held early parliamentary election on 11 June with the PAN coalition coming first but they need support of other parties to form new Government. LDK and Vetevendosje are against a broad based coalition and ask the PAN to open the way and allow them form new institutions. 

    Date: 11 August 2017 13:41
    Author: GazetaExpress