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Kosovo Parliament Speaker Veseli meets EP Rapporteur on Visas, Tanja Fajon

Kosovo Parliament Speaker Veseli meets EP Rapporteur on Visas, Tanja Fajon GazetaExpress

Kosovo Parliament Speaker, Kadri Veseli, met on Wednesday in Strasbourg, Tanja Fajon, the European Parliament's rapporteur for Kosovo on the process of visa liberalization.

The Speaker Veseli confirmed that Kosovo people and its institutions are committed to move forward the EU integration processes, noting that he hopes also the EU institutions will make their move and liberalise visas for Kosovo during this year. “Ms. Fajon is doing an extraordinary work, in order for Kosovo citizens to get visa liberalisation. We analysed situation on the ground and we are almost in the final phase. All technical benchmarks have been fulfilled. Now we are expecting only political decision-making. I am confident that by the end of this year our citizens will move freely without visas in the Schengen area. Ms. Fajon also advised me in which countries we should orientate to convince them on visa liberalisation. We are about to expect a great decision,” said Veseli according to a press release issued by his press service.  

Also EPs Rapporteur on visas for Kosovo expressed her confidence that visa liberalisation for Kosovo citizens will happen during this year, because as she said, Kosovo has already fulfilled all the criteria. She said that as soon as the European Commission gives a positive recommendation by the end of June, she will include in the European Parliament agenda the issue of visas for Kosovo. “I am happy to meet the Speaker of Kosovo Parliament to discuss next steps on visa liberalisation. My support is unequivocal, because Kosovo citizens deserve to travel without visas in the Schengen area,” said Fajon.

    Date: 13 June 2018 18:44
    Author: GazetaExpress