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Kosovo opposition no-confidence initiative about to fail

Kosovo opposition no-confidence initiative about to fail GazetaExpress

The initiative of the opposition Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) for a joint round table of all political parties aimed at finding a formula for ending political crisis in Kosovo and set the date of early elections, is about to fail.

Kosovo daily Zeri reports that other political parties are not supporting the initiative of the biggest opposition party of LDK. Some of the parties have stated that they have no reasons to attend such a roundtable and called the LDK approach as “completely unserious.” In addition to ruling parties who are not in favour of snap elections the LDK initiative is not being supported also by the opposition. But the LDK keeps insisting that the Government has lost majority in Parliament and announced taking unilateral actions, by filing a no-confidence motion in Government if their initiative on calling a “joint roundtable” fails. The LDK officials announced last week that they will start collecting signatures on the motion but no concrete steps have been taken.

The Government of Kosovo has lost majority in Parliament after one of the ruling coalition partners – Srpska List has decided to withdraw from the Government protesting the arrest and deportation of Serbian state official Marko Djuric by the Kosovo Police last month in Mitrovica North for entering the country illegally.  

    Date: 16 April 2018 09:31
    Author: GazetaExpress