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Kosovo man killed in Syria

Kosovo man killed in Syria GazetaExpress

Another Kosovo man has been killed in Syria, while fighting alongside the terrorist organisation of ISIS.

The killed jihadist is Betim Ibrahimaj from the municipality of Istog. The news has been confirmed by his wife who is also in Syria. She informed members of the Ibrahimaj family, that their son Betim has been killed. The news on killing of the Kosovo man in Syria was confirmed also by the Kosovo Police. KP spokesperson, Daut Hoxha, said that the police have information on killing of Betim Ibrahimaj, but because of the situation in Syria, they couldn’t get any documents confirming his death. “The Kosovo Police through various sources has been informed on the death of this person, however there is no official confirmation of his death, considering the conflict in Syria,” Hoxha said. Ibrahimaj was considered as fugitive in Kosovo suspected of his terrorist activities, but he managed to evade justice and went to Syria. 

    Date: 13 February 2018 14:39
    Author: GazetaExpress