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Kosovo Imams join efforts on deradicalisation in prisons

Kosovo Imams join efforts on deradicalisation in prisons GazetaExpress

Twenty imams proposed by the Islamic Community of Kosovo and cleared by the Kosovo Intelligence Agency (KIA) are expected to help radicalised Muslims who have been arrested or convicted for terrorism on a deradicalisation process.

Kosovo Ministry of Justice Abelard Tahiri and Grand Imam of the Islamic Community of Kosovo, Naim Ternava, have signed on Friday a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on a deeradicalisation program for prisoners who are either charged or convicted of terrorism. Tahiri said that imams will be engaged in a series of lectures and religious sermons in correctional facilities all over Kosovo aimed at helping those convicted of terrorism to be deradicalised. Around 150 people returned from war zones of Iraq and Syria are currently in Kosovo prisons serving prisons sentences or waiting court decisions.  

    Date: 11 May 2018 19:38
    Author: GazetaExpress