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Kosovo hopes to renew bid to join Interpol this year

Kosovo hopes to renew bid to join Interpol this year GazetaExpress

Veton Elshani, from the Kosovo Ministry of Interior who heads a working group on applying for Interpol membership said on Wednesday that he believes that by November Kosovo will reach an agreement with Europol and join Interpol.

The Interpol General Assembly will hold its 87th session in Dubai, United Arab Emirates from 18 to 21 November 2018 and Kosovo authorities hope that this is a good chance for Kosovo to renew its bid and get full membership into this international police organisation. In 2017 Kosovo decided to withdraw its bid to join this international organisation fearing lack of support. Now the man who is coordinating the work on membership into this organisation, Veton Elshani, is optimistic that Kosovo will be admitted as full member of Interpol. “We are trying to send the message that Serbia will also benefit from our membership in Interpol,” referring to refusal of Serbian authorities to Kosovo’s bid in previous meetings of Interpol. He said that without Interpol’s presence in borders of the region the security will remain fragile. “Kosovo institutions are coordinating their actions and I believe that this year we have real chances to become part of Interpol,” Elshani said on Wednesday attending a debate.

A Kosovo bid to join Interpol, which represents police forces from some 190 countries, failed in 2016 at the annual meeting in Indonesia, along with bids by Palestine and Solomon Islands. All three bids were considered on the same ballot, with 62 countries voting to suspend the bid in 2017. During September 2017 Interpol General Assembly meeting in China, Kosovo decided to withdraw its bid. Last November, the General Assembly also postponed the debate pending completion of a membership study.

    Date: 23 May 2018 20:01
    Author: GazetaExpress