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Kosovo gets a step closer to creation of its Army

Kosovo gets a step closer to creation of its Army GazetaExpress

Minister of the Kosovo Security Force (KSF), Rrustem Berisha, has officially proposed today that country’s 2,500-strong civil protection force be transformed into Army of Kosovo.

During the Government’s meeting the KSF minister proposed amending of the three existing laws on KSF in order for the force to transform into army. The draft laws, Berisha explained, will enable the KSF to take new tasks and the Ministry of KSF advances into the Ministry of Defence. The Kosovo’s Government decision to transform the KSF into regular army through amending existing Law is not in line with NATO and the US who ask Kosovo to create its army through Constitutional amendments. But in order for Kosovo to amend its Constitution it needs two third of votes in 120 seated Parliament, including two third of votes of Serbian MPs, who are strongly opposing creation of Kosovo Army. Serbian ministers in Kosovo Government have boycotted Thursday's voting opening the way for the KSF to become army.

    Date: 13 September 2018 11:28
    Author: GazetaExpress