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Kosovo Gay Community Marches ‘In The Name of Love’

Kosovo Gay Community Marches ‘In The Name of Love’ GazetaExpress

Hundreds of people gathered on Tuesday in Kosovo’s capital, Pristina in the first ever pride parade, to promote the rights of the gay community.

The parade, called "In the name of love," was organized by a group of NGOs to raise awareness and end prejudice toward the LGBTI community in Kosovo society. 

With banners in hand and music playing, participants shouted "There is no gender in love" as they walked peacefully between two main squares in Pristina. 

Lendi Mustafa (21), member of the LGBTI community addressed those attending in march stating that they have love for all and they hate nobody. 

Mustafa said that they want their voice be heard. “This is the best moment of my life, I am talking on behalf of all those whose voice cannot be heard, for their equal rights, we want to live happy near each-other,” Mustafa said.

Kosovo politicians and ambassadors accredited in Kosovo supported the march, and joined the parade in Kosovo’s capital. 

Kosovo President Hashim Thaci, who joined the march said that the Constitution of Kosovo offer guarantees to all communities. In addition, the Minister of the European Integration, Dhurata Hoxha, said that they will support the LGBTI community and their rights, Gazeta Express reports. 

Those also seen in the march included: the Head of the EU Office in Kosovo, Nataliya Apostolova, US Ambassador Greg Delawie, British Ambassador Ruairi O'Connell and other diplomats.

Kosovo passed an anti-discrimination law in 2004. This is the first Pride Parade although the gay community has held small marches over the past three years supported by important political leaders and diplomats.

    Date: 10 October 2017 14:23
    Author: GazetaExpress