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Kosovo and Albania on the "safe country of origin" list

Kosovo and Albania on the "safe country of origin" list GazetaExpress

The European Commission is expected that this Wednesday to publish the list of "safe countries of origin", which will also include Kosovo and Albania.

"The objective of the list is to improve the stability and address the irregularities that cause migration waves", stated the EU Commission. 

The list of "safe countries of origin" is expected to include Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia and Turkey. 

More than 50 thousand people from Kosovo have sought asylum in EU member states in the last three months. More than 21 thousand sought asylum in Germany alone, a country that has been welcoming tens of thousands of Syrian refugees. 

Hundreds of Albanian citizens have also sought asylum in EU member states. The EU is planning on a 1.8 billion dollars fund to African countries, for border protection as a measure to prevent migration to Europe. 

Around 100 thousand emigrants have crossed the Mediterranean sea, through Northern Africa. 

The draft document of the Commission, claimed that the EU expects from its 28 member states to offer financial support for the plan. 

It is expected that the Commission will also propose equal distribution of refugees among its members and most of them will have to approve the plan. 

    Date: 09 September 2015 07:57
    Author: GazetaExpress