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Kosovo against Srpska List joining Belgrade’s team in Brussels dialogue

Kosovo against Srpska List joining Belgrade’s team in Brussels dialogue   GazetaExpress

Statement of the Srspka List MP Igor Simic that they will be join Belgrade team in talks with Kosovo during the EU-facilitated dialogue in Brussels has triggered reactions of the Kosovo lawmakers and civil society representatives.

Serbian MP represented in Kosovo Assembly, Igor Simic, in a recent statement to Radio Free Europe said that Kosovo Serbs are already part of the Belgrade team in talks with Kosovo. “We have attended many meetings, when various solutions were offered on certain fields. So Kosovo Serbs are part of the dialogue there is no dilemma about that,” Simic told RFE. Arber Vllahiu, advisor to Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj, asked to comment Simic’s statement by daily Zeri on Tuesday said that “Kosovo Serbs are equal citizens in the Kosovo and are represented in the state institutions,” but he did not want to comment on Simic’s statement. According to Vllahiu, the new phase of the dialogue should end with normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia and mutual recognition. Shqipe Pantina, Vetevendosje MP, said that representation of Belgrade’s interests by Srpska is nothing new but it is of concern that Kosovo institutions are tolerating this. Political analyst Haki Abazi said that Srpska is product of Kosovo-Serbia dialogue and serves the Government of Serbia to prevent the state-building process of Kosovo. Also Jeta Krasniqi from the Kosovo Democratic Institute (KDI) said that participation of Srpska MPs in the Belgrade team during the dialogue is unacceptable. 

    Date: 14 November 2017 10:20
    Author: GazetaExpress