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KFOR interested in preparatory measures in case of refugee influx from Syria

KFOR interested in preparatory measures in case of refugee influx from Syria GazetaExpress

Peacekeepers, KFOR, in Prizren have demanded information from local authorities on the capacities they posses to handle an eventual refugee influx from Syria and other countries in Kosovo.

KFOR officials said that Prizren municipality must be ready for an adequate reaction, should Kosovo be facing a refugee influx, who see the Balkans as a transit country on their way to Western Europe. 

Hasan Hasani, local director for Public Services, said that KFOR representatives are interested on this matter on a friendly basis. He added that it would be beneficial for the executive brach of the local government to review this issue, so that all institutions be ready to handle such situation in the future. 

The director of Emergencies and Security, Bedrija Ejupagic said that in case of a refugee influx, the sole possibility to house them temporarily would be in sports and culture centers, in addition to securing drinking water and food. 

On the other hand, KFOR representatives did not give a direct answer whether there are signs of a refugee influx in Kosovo, as it has happened to other countries of the Balkans. Information office of KFOR said that the mandate of their troops remains unaltered. 

In recent months, the influx of refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq has been increasing in the Balkans, aiming asylum in the European Union countries.

    Date: 26 September 2015 09:21
    Author: GazetaExpress