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Hoxha: EU opened the door for Kosovo, let’s do homework

Hoxha: EU opened the door for Kosovo, let’s do homework GazetaExpress

Minister of European Integration, Dhurata Hoxha, said that the European Commission Strategy on Western Balkans has opened Kosovo’s EU path.

Commenting on the publication of the strategy on Western Balkans, Hoxha said that “the EU has opened the door to join the block, but it is us that should move towards this door.” In a statement posted in her Facebook, Hoxha said that Kosovo expected concrete specifications related to EU membership process, but as she said, Kosovo has no alternative but to join the EU. She also said that Kosovo’s path towards the EU is separated from Serbia. “All duties which we need to fulfil are set in the Stabilisation-Association Agreement, the European Reform Agenda (ERA) and the Economic Reform Program. We should implement these obligations as soon as possible,” she said. Hoxha also called on Kosovo institutions to be united when it comes to the EU integration path and prioritize implementation of the SAA and other obligations deriving from the EU integration process. 

    Date: 06 February 2018 16:35
    Author: GazetaExpress