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Hoti: Prime Minister should resign if current demarcation deal is ratified in Parliament

Hoti: Prime Minister should resign if current demarcation deal is ratified in Parliament GazetaExpress

Avdullah Hoti, chief of parliamentary group of the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) confirmed his party’s support on ratification of the Agreement on border demarcation with Montenegro, stating that former opposition leaders misused this political cause to get to the power. He said that if current border deal is ratified by the Parliament the Government should resign.

Hoti referring to the initiative of the Deputy Prime Minister, Fatmir Limaj, on solving of the demarcation issue, said that it would not be easy for the Government officials to ratify the deal after refusing to approve it in three years, by throwing teargas, and damaging the credibility of the state. Limaj has proposed recently signing of a public declaration by Kosovo and Montenegro authorities pledging to review current border Deal agreement after its ratification by Kosovo parliament “if new evidence is presented.” Limaj alleges that this proposal will lead towards reaching a consensus of all parties in Parliament. But Hoti, whose party – the LDK was part of the ruling coalition in previous government and now is in opposition, says that the LDK is in favour of ratifying the border deal, but he is concerned that this issue was misused by politicians to build a false cause. The Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj’s party the AAK in previous mandate was one of the loudest against the border deal with Montenegro claiming that Kosovo loses over 8000 hectares of land. The deal was signed in 2015 by the then Kosovo minister of Foreign Affairs, Hashim Thaci whose party the PDK was in coalition with the LDK. Hoti told Gazeta Express that Limaj’s proposal is nothing new and is a justification to ratify current Agreement. He said that someone should be held accountable for the delays on ratification of this deal if current Agreement is ratified by the Parliament. “The Government has announced ‘finding a solution’, referring to provisions of the same Agreement,” Hoti said. If the demarcation is ratified under the current deal, highlighting only the two articles of the Agreement, Hoti says, that former opponents of this deal should “pay” for the blockade, damaging the state facilities and the image of the country over the last three years.  “They should understand this clearly, if this ‘solution’ is ratification of the Agreement reached in 2015, someone should be held accountable for delaying visa liberalisation for three years, and damaging state’s reputation,” Hoti said. But despite the criticism Hoti confirms the LDK will ratify the Agreement. Ratification of the Agreement on border delineation between Kosovo and Montenegro is one of the last criteria for Kosovo to get visa liberalisation with the EU. Hoti said that if currnet deal is ratified, the Government should resign. “The LDK will vote the Agreement on demarcation, but those who came to power by opposing the same deal with the use of force, should apologise to Kosovo citizens. They should immediately offer their resignation right after its ratification,” Hoti told Gazeta Express. /Express/

    Date: 08 February 2018 13:03
    Author: GazetaExpress