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Head of EU Office: Politics not to have role in appointing school directors

Head of EU Office: Politics not to have role in appointing school directors GazetaExpress

The Head of the EU Office in Kosovo, Nataliya Apostolova, expressed her concern with situation in education system of Kosovo which is followed with the national strikes organised by teaching unionists.

“Politics should not have role in appointing school directors, teachers, Kosovo Accreditation Agency. The Ministry of Education should formulate education policies and ensure implementation,” Said Apostolova during presentation of the EU funded report on the implementation of Kosovo Education Strategic Plan (2017-2021). “without true commitment of Kosovo to improve education the EU assistance is at stake. I call call on all in Kosovo to demand reform and quality public education,” she said. According to Apostolova investment in education is an investment in youth and it is the only investment with guaranteed return. “Giving up on education is abandoning the kids and giving up on their future. I call on the pupils and students, their parents, civil society organisations, media and the Kosovo society as a whole, to mobilise and increase their demand for quality public education in Kosovo," she said.

Apostolova also mentioned Monday’s strike of teachers who are demanding increase of salaries. The Head of the EU Office said that Kosovo needs a reform in categorisation of salaries in order to prevent such situations. “Reform is needed in the public administration and categorisation of salaries this is the only way to progress,” she said.

Today’s report was funded by the EU, and conducted by the Kosovo Education Centre in cooperation with three other non-governmental organizations, members of the “Kosovo Education and Employment Network – KEEN”. The report identifies major challenges in undertaking the necessary reforms that will ensure quality in the Kosovo education system. The findings will serve policy makers, business community, education and training institutions, as well as civil society organizations.

    Date: 12 March 2018 15:17
    Author: GazetaExpress