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Government approves expropriation plans, avoids energy crisis

Government approves expropriation plans, avoids energy crisis GazetaExpress

Kosovo caretaker Government has on Friday approved a proposal on expropriation of properties in the villages of Hade and Shipitulle for the interests of the state-owned Kosovo's power corporation – KEK. The move was taken after alarm of KEK officials who stated that they are running out of coal after villagers close to the lignite reserves were not releasing their properties without an agreement with Government.

The caretaker prime minister Isa Mustafa said that this process has been coordinated by the Ministry of Environment and Economic Development in cooperation with the KEK. Further Mustafa said that the expropriation plan aims at avoiding energy crisis. The energy company, which relies entirely on coal to produce power, wants to take over 52 hectares of private property to get to coal in a country that has more than 14 billion tonnes of proven lignite reserves, the fifth largest in the world. Kosovo held early parliamentary election on 11 June and political parties are still struggling to form new Government after the PDK-AAK-Nisma coalition which won a majority failed to propose the speaker of Assembly fearing lack of support. Other parties are refusing cooperation with the PAN leading the country towards political stalemate.   

    Date: 11 August 2017 13:12
    Author: GazetaExpress