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Feith: Kosovo needs internal consolidation

Feith: Kosovo needs internal consolidation GazetaExpress

Kosovo needs an internal consolidation in order to face external challenges, says former head of the International Civilian Office (ICO) in Kosovo, Pieter Feith.

The Dutch veteran diplomat, Pieter Feith, who was also the EU Special Representative (EUSR) in Kosovo, in an interview with Koha Ditore said that Kosovo institutions failed to address properly a wide range of problems, despite progress after internationals removed supervision of the independence. Feith who served as the ICO chief after Kosovo declared independence in 2008, has criticise also the EU Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo – EULEX. According to Feith, the mission so far has not managed to face challenges within its mandate. H ehopes the new Government of Kosovo will show leadership and fulfil the remaining criteria deriving from the visa liberalisaiton roadmap and EU integration agenda. “I have followed the developments in Kosovo from a distance, but I must say that more needs to be done. Now Kosovo has a new Government and I hope the new prime minister will lead the country towards consolidation, not only internally, but externally as well, such as continuation of the dialogue with Serbia,” Feith told Koha Ditore in Belgrade. Six years after he left Kosovo, Feith says that fight against organised crime and corruption are the main challenges that the country must address. After Kosovo declared independence in 2008, countries which recognised its independence, including the US and main EU member countries, established the International Civilian Office (ICO) to supervise the independence of Kosovo. In 2012 the ICO decided to end supervision of the independence of Kosovo and the ICO was closed.   

    Date: 12 October 2017 09:37
    Author: GazetaExpress