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Express launches new TV channel

Express launches new TV channel GazetaExpress

Starting Friday at 22:30, Gazeta Express is launching a new TV channel. The new channel is property of ‘MediaWorks’ a company known in the media market with its main brand – the biggest online media in Balkans – Gazeta Express.

The name of the new TV channel, logo, program, and all other details will be revealed tonight in details. The television will be aired in the IPKOs digital platform - channel 7, and DigitAlb platform - channel 56. Owner of this television is shareholding company ‘MediaWorks’ known for its main product, the biggest online media in the Balkan region, Gazeta Express. (www.gazetaexpress.com). The TV schedule will be revealed during the testing period from 16-26 March. In the first week the new television will air more than ten original TV shows.

Beart Buzhala will have its show airing twice a week and will bring a new concept in Kosovo’s media market. Leonard Kerquki will air a TV show three times a week and he will return with his TV show Zona Express which was earlier aired in other TV channels. The new TV channel has an exclusive focus on information but it will produce also shows on lifestyle and entertainment. During the day the TV channel will bring you latest news in a brand new format through the platform called “news-channel”.

    Date: 16 March 2018 14:24
    Author: GazetaExpress