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EU Official: Kosovo has stagnated on visa liberalisation

EU Official: Kosovo has stagnated on visa liberalisation GazetaExpress

Katerina Lopo, representative of the EU Office in Kosovo, said the EU is dissatisfied with the Kosovo’s engagement in fulfilling visa liberalisation criteria.

During the conference “Kosovo and visa liberalisation process,” organised by the Media Centre, Lopo said that Kosovo has remained blocked with the demarcation of border with Montenegro and fighting organised crime and corruption. “Kosovo is not making progress, it is blocked with the demarcation and fighting organised crime and corruption,” KTV reported.  

Jeta Krasniqi from the Kosovo Democratic Institute (KDI), said that Kosovo has no time to lose and it should move forward visa liberalisation process. “Kosovo is obliged to fulfil the criteria on visa liberalisation and it should deliver results. The entire process asks a political consensus in the country,” Krasniqi said. Milica Andric, activis of the civil society said that Kosovo has fulfilled technical criteria but it has stagnated in fulfilling political criteria. “Kosovo is not fighting corruption. Kosovo has marked no progress in the visa liberalisation process,” she said. Former minister of the European Integration, Mimoza Ahmetaj, said that it is citizens of Kosovo who suffered the most from non-liberalisation of visas. According to her, Kosovo should fulfil all the remaining criteria as soon as possible in order not to keep citizens isolated. 

    Date: 13 February 2018 13:43
    Author: GazetaExpress