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Srpska ‘gives space’ to Albanian parties agree on forming new institutions

Srpska ‘gives space’ to Albanian parties agree on forming new institutions GazetaExpress

Srpska List in a press release issued on Friday announced that they are 'giving some space' to Albanian political parties to form necessary majority and continue normal work of Kosovo Assembly.

Sprska which won 9 out of 10 reserved seats for Serbian minority in Kosovo Assembly, has explained its absence during resumption of the constitutive session of Assembly on Friday. “Srpska List as a responsible political entity showed on Thursday that they do not want to become an obstacle on formation of institutions. Our absence today aims at giving more space to Albanian parties to get necessary numbers and continue the work of parliament,” it is stated in the press release. “Sprska is ready to engage in the work of institutions which fight for a better life of citizens and we strongly believe that all will act responsibly and in accordance with this process, as well as for the benefit of citizens,” it is stated in the press release.  

Kosovo's 120 new lawmakers have been sworn in during a ceremony on Thursday, but the election of a parliamentary speaker was delayed amid doubts that the coalition that won June's election PDK0AAK-Nisma, can muster a majority vote. The leader of the session called a new meeting of Assembly on Friday in efforts to elect Speaker and his deputies as the first step towards forming new institutions. Friday’s session has been postponed and chiefs of caucuses are meeting to find the solution to this crisis. MPs representing the PDK boycotted Friday’s constitutive session stating that they will attend the session only after an agreement with other political parties. Other parties including Vetevendosje which is ranked as second according to election results, are against the PDK-AAK-Nisma initative to propose the PDK chairman Kadri Veseli as speaker. They say that all other MPs but Veseli are acceptable and called on the winning coalition to give up proposing Veseli for Speaker. On the other hand, Veseli during an interview with the public broadcaster on Thursday said that he is willing to withdraw his candidacy if Vetevendosje supports their candidate for prime minister, Ramush Haradinaj. Veseli’s offer has been turned down by Vetevendosje stating that Veseli is not in a position to condition their vote. 

    Date: 04 August 2017 13:05
    Author: GazetaExpress