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Prosecutor hints Russian citizens arrested in Kosovo linked with a Serbian group organising military camps

Prosecutor hints Russian citizens arrested in Kosovo linked with a Serbian group organising military camps Picture showing members of the Airsoft Club "Vukovi" (Wolves) in northern Kosovo, August 2016 GazetaExpress

The Kosovo Police detained on Tuesday six Russian and five Serb nationals for illegally crossing the border from Serbia who were ordered 48 hours custody.

Pristina Chief Prosecutor, Imer Beka, told Kosovo media on Wednesday that there are indications that Russian and Serbian citizens arrested on Tuesday might be linked with a group of Kosovo Serbs who organised military training camps in northern part of Kosovo. Kosovo public broadcaster RTK has reported in January 2017 that a group of Kosovo Serbs camouflaged as an airsoft squad, have set military training camps in the remote area in the northern part of Kosovo inhabited by Serbs pledging to return Kosovo under Serbia again.

The Kosovo Police said in a statement that those detained on Tuesday were travelling in two vehicles when they were stopped in a village of Podujeva municipality near the Kosovo-Serbia border. Chief prosecutor of the Basic Prosecution Office of Pristina Ymer Beka, told Kallxo.com on Wednesday that there are ‘indications’ that Russian citizens might be linked with those who organised military training camps. He also confirmed that the Prosecution office will ask the arrested persons be ordered detention on remand when they will appear before the pre-trial judge in Pristina today.

Russia’s embassy in Serbia confirmed the detention of six Russian citizens ‘in the unrecognized Republic of Kosovo’, the embassy spokesman Yuri Pichugin told TASS on Wednesday. "An official at the Russian embassy’s office in Pristina has been tackling this matter since the Russian citizens were detained, he immediately set off to the scene," the spokesman said. "A total of six Russians were detained, two of whom are local residents, members of a Serbian citizen’s family," he added. The Kosovo police earlier said that 11 people - six Russians and five Serbs - had been detained while attempting to illegally cross the autonomous territory’s border. 

    Date: 09 August 2017 14:45
    Author: GazetaExpress