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No agreement on continuation of Assembly session

No agreement on continuation of Assembly session GazetaExpress

Kosovo political representatives reached no agreement on Friday on continuation of the Assembly session to elect the speaker and his deputies as country is plunging into political crisis after the PDK-AAK-Nisma (PAN) as winners of election, fearing lack of support, refuse to propose a candidate for speaker of Kosovo’s 120 seated Assembly.

After a meeting of the Assembly’s presidency on Friday, the PAN representative, Enver Hoxhaj told journalists that their proposal is that political representatives meet next Wednesday and discuss on srtting new Assembly session. Hoxhaj also proposed election of the speaker and new prime minister in ‘one package’ a proposal which was opposed by other parties who ask not to propose the PDK chairman Kadri Veseli as a speaker with the justification that he does not represent national unity in Assembly.

“We asked a consultative meeting between political parties be held on Wednesday to schedule next parliament session,” Hoxhaj said. He also stated that establishment of Government is inevitable. “We asked election of the speaker and prime minister be done in a package,” Hoxhaj said. But chief of the LDK-AKR caucus, Avdullah Hoti, told media that PAN’s request on voting speaker and prime minister ‘in package’ is unacceptable. Also Vetevendosje representative, Glauk Konjuifca, said that the PAN’s offer is not acceptable and in violation with the law and they will not attend a new consultative meeting next Wednesday as proposed by Hoxhaj.

Answering to the request of other parties, Hoxhaj reiterated the stance of the PDK chairman Kadri Veseli who during a televised interview on Thursday said that he might withdraw from his candidacy if other parties vote their candidate for prime minister, Ramush Haraidnaj. Hoxhaj also noted that the PAN coalition has the exclusive right to propose the name of the speaker of Assembly, opposing thus the request of other parties to condition their vote for Speaker. 

    Date: 04 August 2017 14:29
    Author: GazetaExpress