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German Embassy: Kosovo should form its institutions, has no time to lose

German Embassy: Kosovo should form its institutions, has no time to lose GazetaExpress

German Embassy in Kosovo says Kosovo has no time to lose and should create new institutions as soon as possible.

The press Office of the German Embassy in Pristina in a statement to Telegrafi advised political parties to spend more energy in constructive and acceptable compromises rather than focusing on slanderous statements against their respective political opponents. “Kosovo is facing many urgent challenges and adressing these challenges requires a functional government. We hope the institutions will be established soon because Kosovo has no time to lose,” it is stated in an answer of the German Embassy in Pristina sent to Telegrafi. According to the German Embassy, in a parliamentarian democracy, the elected representatives should be held accountable before their voters and should translate election results into a constructive parliamentarian majority. “This requires compromises for the sake of the country and its citizens. Many urgent challenges, such are economic development, employment, or healthcare reforms, have direct impact in the everyday life of citizens of Kosovo. It is important for the elected representatives to honor the trust given by their voters and establish a government soon to address all these challenges,” the German Embassy announced.

According to the German Embassy it is elected representatives who caused the political stalemate and they should be held responsible for finding a solution to this situation. “Germany will work with every government that represents majority in Parliament,” the Embassy confirmed, noting that the German Embassy will continue to support Kosovo and its citizens towards a prosperous future in Europe. “The Constitution of Kosovo clearly sets on how is eligible to form the new government. One thing is clear: It is required a majority of at least 61 mandates. For the time being none of the parties has this majority,” Telegrafi cites an answer of the press office of German Embassy in Pristina.

Kosovo held early parliamentary election on 11 June and still has not created its institutions. The Assembly convened last week but MPs failed to elect the speaker and his deputies as the first step towards creation of the government. The PDK-AAK-Nisma (PAN) coalition who won the election refused last week to propose a candidate for a speaker as foreseen by the law fearing lack of support in Assembly. Other parties called on the PAN to give up and let other parties form the Government.  

    Date: 08 August 2017 11:04
    Author: GazetaExpress