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Assembly to resume constitutive session on Thursday

Assembly to resume constitutive session on Thursday GazetaExpress

Kosovo Assembly is set to resume its constitutive session on Thursday at 10:00hrs, in a bid to elect the speaker and its deputies.

The meeting is called by the session leader, Adem Mikullovci, the oldest MP who is in charge of the proceedings until the speaker is voted in. “The constitutive session of the Assembly will take place on Thursday, 10 August 2017, at 10:00hrs, Assembly plenary hall. All members of the Assembly are invited to attend,” it is stated in an invitation that Mikollvci sent to MPs of the new legislation. In the letter is also attached the draft agenda of the meeting which foresees election of the Speaker and his deputies.

Mikollvci’s invitation came after setting a consultative meeting with political parties’ representatives due to be held on Wednesday and after failed attempts last week to elect the speaker. The PDK-AAK-Nisma coalition known as PAN refused to propose their candidate for the speaker which lead to suspension of the constitutive session right after MPs sworn in. The PAN representatives are insisting in an agreement between political parties to set the date on continuation of the constitutive session. Other parties, including the Vetevendosje which is ranked as second, say that the PAN’s move aims at delaying the process considering that they lack support in Assembly to elect the speaker and form new government. The Vetevendosje called on PAN not to propose Kadri Veseli for speaker as he does not represent ‘national unity’ stating that they will vote every other candidate but Veseli. On the other hand the PDK chairman Kadri Veseli told media last week that he is ready to withdraw his candidacy if Vetevendosje votes their candidate Ramush Haradinaj for prime minister, an offer which has been turned down by the Vetevendosje. During an attempt to continue the constitutive session last Friday, representatives of PAN proposed “package voting” of the speaker and new prime minister, but this idea has been opposed by other parties stating that this is in violation with the Constitution of Kosovo.

Kosovo held early parliamentary election on 11 June and according to final results of election, the PAN coalition won the election with 39 seats, followed by Vetevendosje with 32 seats, and the LDK-AKR-Alternativa (LAA) coalition came in third with 31 seats. None of the parties won the majority to form the Government alone. Tha PAN is struggling to get a partner to form the new government after other parties are refusing to cooperate with them, and their leaders stated that they aim convincing individual MPs who represent other parties to establish new institutions.

    Date: 07 August 2017 11:30
    Author: GazetaExpress